Lakewater & Midtown Arts Museum Expedition Guidebook

Storybuilding Badges,  Swords, Rewards & Oars
Extending the Story with Carrots

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A storybuild does not require the inclusion of a game similar explorer journey.   An explorer journey does add to immersion and helps with use instruction.  It is a spoonful of sugar used by the builder to teach her visitors how to navigate through the build, while learning how to storybuild.   Lakewater's educational point is to teach everyone the joy's and serious use of the 3d immersion venue.  

A storybuilder who uses these game leveling devices needs to be cautious; however that there is not are not over biding rules for either in character roleplaying or solving puzzles.   One of the problems with some roleplaying situations is that there are strict codes about how to conduct yourself.  Some visitors to worlds are annoyed by the emphasis on these rules.  Role-playing rules can actually limit enjoyment and reduce the immersion in a lovely to look and ponder world.

Some games are so hard to play through, even walk throughs don't help the explorer who likes most of the scenery and inclusion of  himself IN the story.   For example, I am a lover of all game experiences created by Cyan Worlds, still the mark to match in game storytelling.   Obduction is an experience couldn't be invested in too early.   Because its a game, some puzzles will be easy to unravel and some will be thoroughly complicated.  The audience for a Cyan game experience expects that every game to include a mystery and complex puzzle to solve.   Myst IV Revelations was so difficult to complete the benefactor still hasn't finished it, but promises to one day.

Lakewater Projects Are Not Games
Lakewater Project storybuilds, on the other hand, are not games.   The builds use many of the same devices, depending on the author's intentions, but the decision to use game elements in Lakewater storybuilds came with a caveat.   The problems and puzzles would be simple to challenging, but not imposssible to solve.   Too much time consumption on the part of the explorer was not an objective for the builder.   Anticipated explorer objectives include learning to read/observe closely, viewing an unique and interesting environment, and an appreciation of what storybuilds are and do.   Collecting rewards (carrots) is a way to show off their learned abilities to meet their objectives.   For competitive visitors it is like any other sport.   The finisher of the 13 mile run, regardless of whether he comes into the finish line  1.5 hours after the winner wants a token and a tee shirt to confirm the grueling work of training got done.

Rewards (Carrots) Origins and Value for the Story (Beta Phase)

Lakewater Projects include placeholders (temporary objects used to fill in an empty region until an original more applicable object can be made), but it also promotes using collectibles.   Collectibles and artifacts are similar to objects, but there is a difference.   For the collector of artifacts, there is no need to change builder permissions, not desire to take credit for objects built from scratch by someone else.   Collectors love to add outstanding workmanship to their builds, and they show their apprecation for the work by crediting them.
Ruby Notices Offer to Get Badge in the Gateway

Ruby earns her animated
 Realm Master Sword
 and A display Sword too.
This is not to argue that the ideas behind artist's objects should not be created again.  In truth there no invention that is not a discovery of an early primate's tool use, rather its about duplication of objects without permission and selling or transferring them without thought.

Ruby's shuttle is not accessible until
an explorer completes the Picture Book Journey.

All swords, rewards, awards, trophies or OARs given to Realm
Masters are original works and will not be sold or transferred to
explorers, who did not finish tasks or complete storybuild expeditions.   Rocking Stone Pottery & Ironworks will continue to sell items in the market to help defray visitor to world expenses, but those items are not "carrots."   Carrots should be special and extend the story.  Carrots should tell more story.   Rewards are like Persian gems or Native American beads.  While they are collected for telling, reading and passing on stories, they should also illuminate the giver.  If a storybuilder decides to purchase with full permissions and obejct for giving away, the storybuilder should carefully consider the storytelling affect of the piece.

Lakewater & Midtown Arts Museum Expedition Guidebook

1.  Have fun however you choose to visit the no flying worlds (walking sticks, vehicles, teleportation devices and treadways).
2.   Either visit the world on your own and start taking photos of places you go, and items you find to collect (think geocaching from the safety of  your own cushy chair) or join the Google+ community dedicated solely to Lakewater Project expeditions, primarily for the purpose of earning Realm Master designations and rewards.
3.   Watch for signs (won't all be the same signs in every storybuild) of a task that needs to be performed or a photo that would document your being there.
4.   Collect your stash of items to a folder.   At your convenience you can post  photos of the rewards you earn into your badge on the community bulletin board.   We suggest you keep editing the same post you started with, but it it gets too full post another copy of your badge and add more photos.  The only place to get your official badge is inworld.   You can always copy unofficial badge @ the community, but it wouldn't symbolize your exploration.  The Midtown Ladies Guild does occasionally check for badge authenticity.   They remove from the community any explorer wannabes who did not officially earn the right to use a badge.  
5.  Use your swords to slay the dark side.   Continue working through the build at whatever level of difficulty you choose.    Finish and receive your reward (usually an airship that will be retrofitted/updated when bullet physics are working properly - winter 2015).  Until then the airships make nice skylofts.  Moreover the airships in your builds exploit (a good word at Lakewater) your talent for understanding the storybuild.
6.   As Lakewater Alpha and Beta storybuilds grow and stabilize continue to earn your swords and document your storybuild expedition finishes.   When your badge is filled let Ruby know that you are at THE END, and she will send you (email or chat) the secure link to the OAR, Peace Comes Dropping Slow.   You can keep or use the oar while you are creating your own storybulds.   There are many OARS now freely available, so this OAR is one of many, but this OAR was earned while having fun the challenging way.
7.  Take your time to finish.  Come and go as you like.   The builds are open to public, because the Rocking Stone Pottery stores funds the visits and expeditions of explorers throughout the hypergrid metaverse.   It is the at the pleasure of Ruby O'Degee, her benefactor, and the Devokan Trust that worlds built are  family friendly places and open to the public for all the moon following they want to do.

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