Lakewater Project What

The Lakewater Project is a collection of stories that originally came out of an explorer experience .  Between reading  a trilogy of books and experiencing the world the books spoke about in a virtual world in real time, explorers learned about a legend of peoples who came to live on the earth 10,000 years ago.   The author of the Lakewater Project, also a fictive born into the role of explorer happened onto a story that took her away from the original story and into her own. 

Since the human behind the strings of the fictive puppet saw significant serious and entertaining uses for the technology that promoted reader immersion, there was no stopping her from expanding the fictive's story.  The human's name is D. Ann Dickerson, a retired K-12 educator and her character author is commonly known as Ruby O'Degee.  To know what the Lakewater Project does is to see its storybuilds in virtual person.  The genre of stoytelling is warping into the genre of storybuilding, and the Lakewater Project is an example of how that transformation will occur. 

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