Lakewater Project Why

The Lakewater Project is a 3D immersion storybuild.  A storybuild is written in much the same way that any story is told with a twist.  That twist, depending on whether the story is told before or after it is illustrated with a 3D immersion world, is a major difference or a minor one.  However the story is developed the concept for telling a story will illustration is not new.  Illustration, in fact, predated the use of text and was always used to illuminate text.  What couldn't be accomplished until now is that readers can walk into and through a story virtually.  Alice in Wonderland's author, Lewis Carroll, would have loved the idea.  The pictures and conversation that Alice determined to be the most important elements in any story are now being used to guide story and to clarify story meaning.

Reltos are an Myst/Uru Tradition..

If the purpose of any writer is complete her story by inviting the reader into their world with text in some cases and only scenery in others, what better way to invest the reader than to immerse him?

In this photo illustration the narration character, Ruby O'Degee is impressed by her environment, a sky residence atop a asteroid that looks out over a futuristic village.  While the photo is compelling and helps to immerse the reader, being able to visit Ruby, listen to her in real time or sit where she sat at a prior time is arguably more engaging. 

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