Pathways, the Matter of Fly or No Fly

Pathways, walkways, railway tracks and monorails are devices that every storybuilder uses to turn their unwieldy and laterally developing story into a more linear exploration (read).   All Lakewater builds include one or more pathways.   This is not to suggest visitors will not stray off the path.   Many a skier has met with disaster straying away from the designated run and into an avalanche. Likewise readers flip through pages to challenge an author's order of events, or worse yet read the ending first.  Worst of all readers turn to Cliff notes and summaries to avoid reading.

So it is with visitors to a storybuild.  Some visitors will want to fly through a world to save time and effort.  If the world is not a storybuild flying is a good way to get around a marketplace, welcome center or institutional training center.

If visitors only spend a few minutes in a storybuild the writer concludes the visiting avatar made a wrong turn (landed in their build by accident), or he/she came to chat, socialize, or evaluate the build.  Not that there is any dishonor in expecting to take a quick looksee.  There isn't, but in turn the builder should be free to ignore that casual visitor when storybuilder's objective is immersion.  It takes a few moments for immersion to take hold.

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