Monday, July 21, 2014

Local News: Lakewater Begins a New Era

With the retirement of Ruby's benefactor from her full time teaching position, fictive Ruby O'Degee is working at warp speed (hyperbole) to clean up the loose ends left after writing in between this or that distraction. 

Last November she jumped the mesh hurdle.  The curvy organic feel of her storybuilds is due largely to the processes she now uses to storybuild her worlds.

Ruby is also getting out a little more.  After years of working alone or with a few Devokan Trustee members, she is joining other groups.  This kind of neighborly branching always leads to better results.  So too is the Midtown Ladies Guild learning to think in new ways.  Although the artifact replication process seems to be working well, and proceeds from the Rocking Stone Pottery store are funding the Museum, their sell their building supplies and few of their secret recipes will likely be a fruitful move.

For now there is much to do.  A complete remastering of the blog accompaniments is in the works, and furniture, characters and perspectives are being added to the builds.  Ruby is very happy about the Midtown housecleaning project and looks forward to finishing at least 3 storybuilds by Christmas time.

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