Saturday, July 26, 2014

Expedition Guide Book Published Today

Look under the tabs to the left to see the Lakewater & Midtown Arts Museum Guidebook.  Later this year a manual that is included with the How To book the Midtown Ladies Guild is publishing will further provide clarity.    Because most expeditions are in the Alpha or Beta state, the testing results will guide the manual's direction.

At this time only Picture Book's badge, sword, reward and certification documents will be delivered to explorers, who choose to take the story expedition.  Information about why and how Lakewater Project writers are using gamification, roleplaying and game tools in the non-game storybuild is defined in the guidebook.   Already Ruby is investing in the project by sharing an airship with finishers.  

Note:  There is some confusion about which of two groups created to store artifacts and  letters/notes collected during the expedition.   Only persons who complete the circuit and earn the sword (and the reward) should apply for membership to the Realm Master community.   To be a Master means the explorer has completed at least 1 of 7 journeys and can prove it by storing that information in their badge (google+ community).  The badge can be picked up at the storybuild gateway for Picture Book when you enter the world.   Please export the badge to your personal or cloud drive, and then start a post in the Lakewater Moon Follower community.  There you can continue to edit that post by adding photos and copies of documents you collect (proving that you completed a first journey).  You will follow exactly the same process when you join the Realm Master group.  By the time you finish all 7 expeditions you create 7 or more posts that are represented by the badges you collect along the way.

The last post you will make is of  yourself enjoying your Peace Comes Dropping Slow Oar, or an Oar of your own making using storybuilding strategies you learned from completing the Lakewater Project experience.   What you've done is record those journeys you always expect to record, but don't - Killing two dark side monsters with one stone, and checking off an inventory of items you expect or should collect before you call it THE END.

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